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The English language has many interesting slang words and phrases, which I suppose shows just how flexible a language English is, and it’s probably also one of the reasons we are good with comedy. This collection contains some you will easily find in a decent dictionary, or on Wiktionary - and also some that are in common use but aren’t in a dictionary or phrasebook or on wiktionary. I tried adding them to wiktionary, but editors keep deleting them! Not listed alphabetically.

Word or Phrase

Meaning of the word or phrase


A combination of the words Fat and Cunt (as in “Fat Cunt”) to turn it into a more polite, but still rude, way of refering to somebody being overweight.

Piss the shit out of

To seriously annoy


English UK term for the American “Ass”, as in a “Butt”, “Anus”, “Bottom” or “Backside”


Used to refer to either a stupid person (what are you doing you stupid twat?), or as a term for a vagina.


The act of masturbating


Used to refer to a stupid person, and / or somebody who masturbates too much.


Another term used to refer to a stupid person, or a dunce.

Buggered up

To describe the act of having broke something, or to have ruined a plan

Buggered Off

To have gone away

Bugger Off

Used to tell someone to go away. A mildly more polite way of telling somebody to fuck off.

Sod off

Same as Bugger off, or Fuck off.

Cock Up (Cock-up)

To have made a mistake


Slang term for testicles. Can be used to to infer that somebody is talking rubbish (what you said was a load of bollocks). Can be used as a mild expletive in the same way as “Shit”, “Bugger” or “Fuck”. - as in “oh bollocks, I forgot to fill the car up with fuel”, or singularly as “Bollocks!” when you’ve accidentally dropped and broken something, or if you hit your fingers with a hammer by mistake.


In UK English it is a slang term for a cigarette. In American English it is an abusive word to describe a homosexual person.


In UK English it is a slang term for a Vagina. In American English it is a slang term for a “Butt”, “Backside”, “Bottom”, “Ass” or “Arse”.

Khasi / Khazi (Carzi)

A Toilet

Bog (the bog)

Slang term for a toilet, as well as the normal name for a muddy area of land, as in a peat bog.


A severe telling off


To have received a severe telling off


Very tired and exhausted. The K is silent.


A nickname for a person from the City of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne


A nickname for a person from the City of Sunderland

Smoggy / Smoggie

A nickname for a person from the town of Middlesbrough

Monkey Hanger

A nickname for a person from the town of Hartlepool. Originates from a story from many years ago involving the people from that town mistaking an escaped monkey for a French Spy.

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