Information on what it is really like to live in the United Kingdom


The United Kingdom has a full selection of the best sources of news available in the world. This page is intended to guide you through the best & worst of the Newspapers available here.


The Daily Telegraph is Britain’s poshest & most respectable Newspaper, and therefore Britain’s best newspaper for sane people. Spiteful socialists & libtards call it “The Torygraph” because they hate it for being the exact opposite of their idiotic beliefs. My favourite news source later in the day when I have woken up properly. Their website has an excellent Comment & Blogs section featuring the excellent Daniel Hannan MEP, James Delingpole & Lord Norman Tebbit.

The Daily Mail is Britain’s poshest Tabloid Newspaper, and one of the most widely read. Their website has recently become rated the world’s number 1 news website, with large readerships in both the United Kingdom & the USA. This newspaper is also hated by Leftie Socialist Libtards, who nickname it the Daily Fail, they hate it in the same way Libtards hate Fox News & Glenn Beck in the USA, because the Daily Mail regularly outs Failures caused by Libtards + also that of Jobsworths. It’s my favourite news source to look through when I first wake up, and haven’t quite woken up yet. Another of the best News options for sane people.

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The Daily Express is the #3 choice option on my list of Newspapers for sane people in the United Kingdom. Certainly one of the most patriotic, Conservative & Euroscpetic. Keep meaning to try read this one more often.

The Times (often referred to abroad as “The London Times”) is Britain’s 2nd Poshest newspaper after The Daily Telegraph. It used to be my favourite newspaper to read online, mainly due to the regular columns & car reviews from Jeremy Clarkson of TOP GEAR fame on there. Then their website became the first news website in the UK to go behind a paywall.......... so now I don’t bother with it. But it is another news source recommendation for sane people.


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