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Tea - The United Kingdom’s stereotypical number one hot drink. There is a number of brands to choose from, “posh brands” (upmarket brands) and “every day brands”.


Twinings is the most commonly found “posh brand” of Tea, their boxes carrying the Royal Warrant. They are currently not very popular with the more patriotic members of our country for laying off their British Production staff, and transferring manufacturing to Poland (story 1 & story 2). They have also recently been in the news for replacing their famous 300 year old recipe for Earl Grey tea with an awful tasting new version (story). Official Website

Jackson’s of Piccadilly is the other most commonly found “Upmarket Brand” of tea. Official Website.

PG Tips in one of the most popular every day brands of tea. Best known for their classic adverts involving Chimpanzees. Official Website

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TETLEY is another popular brand of every day tea, though they now also make a range of upmarket and herbal teas as well. Best known for their TV adverts and merchandising products featuring the Tetley Tea Folk. Official Website.


Also popular is Yorkshire Tea, from Taylors of Harrogate, who also own the famous BETTY’S Tea shop chain. - Official website. Their website also has some good instructions on how to make a proper English style cup of tea.

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